KrausFrink & Georg Conrad

Happy Lilian (2015)

Mutations (2015)

No Idea (2015)

Playground Altona (//)

Evelyne (2015)

Percussion Duo:

Cross Hatch (1982) for marimba duo






Toru Takemitsu

Dialog I (1984) for marimba, xylophone & vibraphone
Claude Lenners
Dimorphie (1981) for percussion duoIoshihisa Taira
Clapping Music (1972) for handsSteve Reich
Marimba Phase (1980) for marimba duoSteve Reich
Nagoya Marimbas (1994) for marimba duoSteve Reich
Rrrrr..... (1982) 6 pieces for percussion duoMauricio Kagel
Straight Inside (2007) for percussion duoSiegfried Kutterer
Torso VII (2008) for two marimbas and octobansMárton Illés
Tango-Suite for two guitars (1985)
Astor Piazzolla
Le Livre Des Claviers Duo des marimbasPhillippe Manoury
L'ascension for marimba, vibraphon, glockenspiel & triangles
James Dillon
Exclamation Point (2011)


Welcome to KF Club (2012)


Missuk (2012) KFClub

Taneva (2015)KFClub

Schön Wärs (2014)KFClub

Get awake (2014)KFClub





Quatre petites pièces (2012)

Le Cri

L' Écho

La Résignation

Le Début


Tourne mon grand tourne (2012)KrausFrink
Music Is Evil(2012)KrausFrink
Läuft uns die Zeit davon?(2012)KrausFrink
Nerv'n High(2012)KrausFrink

Percussion Solo:

Ombre (1989) for percussion solo, rhythm machine& tape
Vinko Globokar
3 Caprices (1961) for vibraphone

Rene Leibowitz

Rebonds (1989) for percussion solo
Iannis Xenakis

Chamber Music Plus:

Werke die mit und durch KrausFrink Percussion realisiert werden können.

An Idyle for the misbegotten (1986) for flute & 3 percussionists
George Crumb
Born To Beat Wild (2001) for percussion & trumpet


Concerto pour vibraphone (2002) with string orchestra or 5 percussionists
Emmanuel Séjourné

Credo in US (1942) for 2 percussionists, prepared piano and radio
John Cage
Hommage a Keith Jarret and Gary Burton (1976) for vibrahone & flute
Babette Kolb
Hyxos (1955) for percussion & flute
Giacinto Scelsi
I Riti-Ritual March (1962) for 4 percussionists
Giacinto Scelsi
Living Room Music (1940) for 4 percussionists
John Cage

L`histoire du soldat (1917) for violin, bassoon, trumpet,

trombone, double bass, percussion,clarinet & narrator

Igor Strawinsky
Music for 18 musicians (1976)
Steve Reich
Nairobi la nuit for percussion & bassoon
Alexandre Ouzounoff
Okho (1976) for 3 percussionists
Iannis Xenakis
Persephassa (1969) for 6 percussionists & 3 percussionists
Iannis Xenakis
Six Marimba (1986)
Steve Reich
Sonata (2002) for 2 pianos & 2 percussionists
Béla Bartok
Suite en concert (1966) for flute & 4 percussionists
André Jolive
Tre pezzi (1998-2006) for 4 percussionists, oboe/clarinet and mezzosopran
Márton Illés

Silent movies:

The Rounders
(Charles Chaplin, USA 1914, 16 min)
(Scott Pembroke, Joe Rock, USA 1925,18 min)
The Cure
(Charles Chaplin, USA 1917, 31 min)
Le Pompier des Folies Bergère
(France 1928, 8 min)
The Breath of a Nation
(Gregory La Cava, USA 1919, 8 min)
Dry and Thirsty
(Craig Hutchinson, USA 1920, 12 min)
L'Invitation au voyage
(Germaine Dulac, France 1927, 40 min)
La souriante Madame Beudet
(Germaine Dulac, France 1922, 40 min)
Un chapeau de paille d'Italie
(Rene Clair, France 1927, 80 min)
Lady Windermere`s Fan
(Ernst Lubitsch, USA 1925, 90 min)
Le récit du Colonel
(L. Feuillade, France 1907, 4 min.)
Une dame vraiment bien
(L. Feuillade, France 1908, 4 min.)
By Indian Post
(John Ford, USA 1919, 13 min.)
Cartoon Factory,
(USA, 8 min.)
La Photographie à distance
(Georges Meliès, France, 6 min)
Der Student von Prag
(Hanns Heinz Ewers, D 1913, 85 min)
Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney(Georg Wilhelm Pabst, D 1927, 105 min)
Ich möchte kein Mann sein(Ernst Lubitsch, D 1918, 40 min)

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